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Davis Ka Chio Fong

Associate Professor
Business Administration
University of Macau


Davis Ka Chio FONG currently working as an associate professor at University of Macau. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Marketing from University of Macau and Master's in in Banking and Finance from University of Macau. He earned his Ph.D. in Quantitative Economics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Research Interest

Visitor Profile Study, Responsible Gambling, Gambling Disorder, Chinese Gambling Behavior, Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling


  • Fong, D. K. C., Fong, H. N., Li, S. Z. (31/03/2011). The Social Cost of Gambling in Macao: Before and After the liberalisation of The Gaming Industry. International Gambling Studies, 11(1). pp. 43-56.

  • Fong, K. C., Ozorio, B. (12/2005). Gambling Participation and Prevalence Estimates of Pathological Gambling in a Far-East Gambling City: Macao. UNLV Gaming Research and Review Journal, 9(2). pp. 15-28.

  • Ozorio, B., Fong, K. C. (12/2004). Chinese Casino Gambling Behaviors: Risk Taking in Casinos vs. Investment. UNLV Gaming Research and Review Journal, 8(2). pp. 27-38.

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