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Guanghui Hu

Assistant Professor
University of Macau


Guanghui HU received his Bachelor's & Master's degree in in Mathematics from Sichuan University, Chengdu. He earned his Ph.D in Mathematics from Hong Kong Baptist University.

Research Interest

Electronic structure calculations, Computational fluid dynamics, Adaptive methods of partial differential equations


  • Bao G, Hu G, Liu D. Numerical solution of the Kohn-Sham equation by finite element methods with an adaptive mesh redistribution technique. Journal of Scientific Computing. 2013 May 1;55(2):372-91.

  • Hu G. An adaptive finite volume method for 2D steady Euler equations with WENO reconstruction. Journal of Computational Physics. 2013 Nov 1;252:591-605.

  • Bao G, Hu G, Liu D. Real-time adaptive finite element solution of time-dependent Kohn–Sham equation. Journal of Computational Physics. 2015 Jan 15;281:743-58.

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