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Haiwei Sun

University of Macau

Haiwei Sun


Haiwei SUN , professor at University of Macau. He received his Ph. D. from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1996.

Research Interest

Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical PDEs, Control Theory, Computational Finance, Fractional PDEs


  • Sheng Q, Sun HW. Stability of a modified Peaceman–Rachford method for the paraxial Helmholtz equation on adaptive grids. Journal of Computational Physics. 2016 Nov 15;325:259-71.

  • Lin XL, Ng MK, Sun HW. A multigrid method for linear systems arising from time-dependent two-dimensional space-fractional diffusion equations. Journal of Computational Physics. 2017 May 1;336:69-86.

  • Cao F, Ge Y, Sun HW. Partial semi-coarsening multigrid method based on the HOC scheme on nonuniform grids for the convection–diffusion problems. International Journal of Computer Mathematics. 2017 Mar 1:1-7.

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