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Ho Sut Kam

Assistant Professor
Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
University of Macau

Ho Sut Kam


HO Sut Kam is an assistant professor at University of Macau. She earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Hong Kong Baptist University.

Research Interest

Laser interaction with materials, Laser spectroscopy, Elemental Analysis


  • Wang, H., Tam, K. W., Choi, W. W., Zhuang, W. Y., Ho, S. K., Kang, W., & Wu, W. (12/2014). Analysis of Coupled Cross-Shaped Resonator and Its Application to Differential Bandpass Filters Design. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, 62(12), 2942-2953.

  • Ho, S. K. (2015). Analysis of Impurity Effects on the Coloration of Corundum by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). APPLIED SPECTROSCOPY, 69(2). Pp. 269-276.

  • Chon Chio Leong, Hui Pan and Sut Kam Ho “Two-dimensional transition-metal oxide monolayers as cathode materials for Li and Na ion batteries” accepted by PHYSCIAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS.

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