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Jiantao Zhou

Associate Professor
Computer and information science
University of Macau


Jiantao ZHOU is associate professor at University of Macau. He received his Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from Dalian University of Technology, China and Master in Radio Engineering from Southeast University, China.

Research Interest

Multimedia security and forensics, Multimedia coding and processing, Multimedia communications


  • Y. F. Zheng, H. L. Cui, C. Wang, and J. T. Zhou, “Privacy-Preserving Image Denoising from External Cloud Databases”, IEEE Trans. on Inf. Forensics and Security (T-IFS), vol. 12, no. 6, pp. 1285-1298, 2017.

  • Y. S. Zhang, J. T. Zhou, Y. Xiang, Y. Zhang, F. Chen, S. N. Pang, and X. F. Liao, “Computation Outsourcing Meets Lossy Channel: Secure Sparse Robustness Decoding Service in Multi-Clouds,” To appear in IEEE Trans. on Big Data (T-BD), 2017.

  • Y. M. Li, J. T. Zhou, and A. Cheng, “SIFT Keypoint Removal via Directed Graph Construction for Color Images”, To appear in IEEE Trans. on Inf. Forensics and Security (T-IFS), Nov. 2017.

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