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Kit Ian Kou, Anna

Associate Professor
University of Macau


Kit Ian KOU, Anna is associate professor at University of Macau. She received her Master degree & Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Macau.

Research Interest

Fourier analysis, Quaternion and Clifford analysis, Complex analysis, Windowed linear, canonical analysis, Shannon sampling theorems, Time-frequency analysis, Harmonic analysis in Euclidean spaces


  • Zou C, Kou KI, Wang Y. Quaternion collaborative and sparse representation with application to color face recognition. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 2016 Jul;25(7):3287-302.

  • Xia Y, Chen L, Kou KI, O’Regan D. Hölder Regularity of Grobman–Hartman Theorem for Dynamic Equations on Measure Chains. Bulletin of the Malaysian Mathematical Sciences Society. 2016:1-28.

  • Kou KI, Lou Y, Xia YH. Zeros of a Class of Transcendental Equation with Application to Bifurcation of DDE. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos. 2016 Apr;26(04):1650062.

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