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Lap Mou Tam

Electromechanical Engineering
University of Macau


Lap Mou TAM, professor at University of Macau. He received his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Chiao Tong University.

Research Interest

Micro-scale heat transfer, heat transfer enhancement, energy systems, indoor air quality measurement and simulation, chaos


  • Wong, P. K., Tam, L. M., Li, K, & Vong, C. M., “Engine Idle Speed System Modeling and Control Optimization Using Artificial Intelligence”, Proc IMechE, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, Vol. 224,No. 1, pp 55-72, 2010.

  • P. K. Wong, L. M. Tam, K. Li, Automotive Engine Power Performance Tuning Under Numerical and Nominal Data, Control Engineering Practice, Vol. 20 Issue 3, March 2012.

  • L. M. Tam, P. K. Wong, H. Y. Lao, and Z. C. Xie, “Preliminary Research of Environmentally Friendly Taxi Based on Comprehensive Evaluation in Macau SAR”, Advanced Mechanics and Materials, Vol 192, pp. 445-449, 2012.

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