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Li Hai-feng

Assistant Professor
Applied Physics and Materials Engineering
University of Macau


LI Hai-Feng working as an assistant professor at University of Macau. He earned his Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University.

Research Interest

New advanced materials exploitation and synthesis; Single crystal growth and thin film deposition; In-house comprehensive characterizations, Condensed matter science, e.g., multiferroics, superconductors, frustrations, rare-earth intermetallic systems, perovskites, films; Neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering; Muon spin spectroscopy


  • Li HF, Cao C, Wildes A, Schmidt W, Schmalzl K, Hou B, Regnault LP, Zhang C, Meuffels P, Löser W, Roth G. Distinct itinerant spin-density waves and local-moment antiferromagnetism in an intermetallic ErPd2Si2 single crystal. Scientific reports. 2015;5.

  • Wen JJ, Tian W, Garlea VO, Koohpayeh SM, McQueen TM, Li HF, Yan JQ, Rodriguez-Rivera JA, Vaknin D, Broholm CL. Disorder from order among anisotropic next-nearest-neighbor Ising spin chains in SrHo 2 O 4. Physical Review B. 2015 Feb 26;91(5):054424.

  • Li HF, Senyshyn A, Fabelo O, Persson J, Hou B, Boehm M, Schmalzl K, Schmidt W, Vassalli JP, Thakuria P, Sun X. Absence of magnetic ordering in the ground state of a SrTm 2 O 4 single crystal. Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2015;3(29):7658-68.

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