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Lianjie Shu

Business Administration
University of Macau


Lianjie SHU reeived hids Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engieering & Automation from Xi-an Jiao Tong University and PhD in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management from The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong.

Research Interest

Quality Engineering and Management, Statistical Quality Control, Applied Statistics, Health Care Surveillance


  • Shu, L., Tsung, F. and Kapur, K., Monitoring and Diagnosis with Multiple Cause-Selecting Control Charts, Quality Engineering, 16, 437-450, 2004.

  • Shu, L. and Tsung, F., On Multistage Statistical Process Control, Journal of Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineers, 20, 1-8, 2003.

  • Shu, L., Apley, D. and Tsung, F., Triggered Cuscore Charts for Monitoring Autocorrelated Processes, Quality & Reliability Engineering International, 18, 411-421, 2002.

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