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Ruiyu Xie

Assistant professor
Health science
University of Macau


Ruiyu XIE is currently working as a Assistant Professor in the Department of Health science, University of Macau , Macau. Her research interests includes Pancreatic cancer, Pancreatic diseases. She is the member of many international affiliations. She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities. she has authored of many research articles related to Pancreatic cancer, Pancreatic diseases, Gene expression.

Research Interest

Pancreatic cancer, Pancreatic diseases, Gene expression


  • Xie, R; Carrano, AC; Sander, M. A systems view of epigenetic networks regulating pancreas development and β-cell function. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Syst Biol Med. 2015, 7(1):1-11.

  • Wang, A; Yue, F; Li, Y; Xie, R; Harper, T; Patel, NA; Muth, K; Palmer, J; Qiu, Y; Wang, J; Lam, DK; Raum, JC; Stoffers, DA; Ren, B; Sander M. Epigenetic priming of enhancers predicts developmental competence of hESC-Derived endodermal lineage intermediates. Cell Stem Cell. 2015, 16(4):386-99.

  • Shih, HP; Seymour, PA; Patel, NA; Xie, R; Wang, A; Liu, PP; Yeo, GW; Magnuson, MA; Sander, M. A Gene Regulatory Network Cooperatively Controlled by Pdx1 and Sox9 Governs Lineage Allocation of Foregut Progenitor Cells. Cell reports. 2015, 13;13(2):326-36.

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