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San Ming Wang

Health sciences
University of Macau


San Ming WANG received his Bachelor's degree from Jiangxi Medical College, China and Master's from Shandong Medical University, China.

Research Interest

Cancer genomics and genetics, Hereditary breast cancer, Next-generation DNA sequencing, Whole genome sequencing


  • Sperisen P, Wang SM, Reichenbach P, Nabholz M. A PCR-based assay for reporter gene expression. PCR Methods and Applications 1:164-170, 1992

  • Guan CF, Wang LC, Xie YZ, Xu SL, Zhang YX, Wang SM, Jin J, Wang YZ. Immunological alternation in weakness syndrome modeled in donkey and rat. Chinese Journal of Veterinary Medicine 3:40-42, 1990

  • Wang SM, Guan CF. The effects of cordyceps sinensis on Interleukin-2 secretion. Chinese Journal of Experimental & Clinical Immunology. 2:40-42, 1990

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