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Seak Weng Vong, George

Associate Professor
University of Macau


Seak Weng VONG, George received his Master degree in Mathematics from University of Macau and Ph.D. in Mathematics from City University of Hong Kong (2005).

Research Interest

Computational Linear and Multilinear Algebra, Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, Numerical method for partial differential equations


  • L. Lin & S. Vong (2006). A note on the existence and nonexistence of globally bounded classical solutions for nonisentropic gas, Acta Mathematica Scientia, Vol. 26B, No. 3, pp. 537-540.

  • S. Vong (2006). The Boltzmann equation with frictional force, Journal of Differential Equations, Vol. 222, pp. 95-136.

  • S. Vong, T. Yang & C. Zhu (2003). Compressible Navier-Stokes equations with degenerate viscosity coefficient and vacuum (II), Journal of Differential Equations, Vol. 192, pp. 475-501.

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