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Tzu-ming Liu

Associate Professor
Health science
University of Macau


Tzu-Ming LIU received his Bachelor's degree from National Taiwan University in 199 and Ph.D. from Graduate Institute of Photonics & Optoelectronics, National Taiwan University.

Research Interest

Nanomedicines, Metabolic molecules,


  • -C. Huang* and T.-M. Liu, “Controlled Au-polymer nanostructures for multiphoton imaging, prodrug delivery, and chemo-photothermal therapy platforms,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, 25259-25269 (2015).

  • -W. Chou, C.-L. Liu, T.-M. Liu*, Y.-F. Shen, L.-C. Kuo, C.-H. Wu, T.-Y. Hsieh, P.-C. Wu, M.-R. Tsai, C.-C. Yang, K.-Y. Chang, M.-H. Lu, P.-C. Li, S.-P. Cheng, Y.-H. Wang, C.-W. Lu, Y.-A. Chen, C.-C. Huang, C.-R. Chris Wang, J.-K. Hsiao,* M.-L. Li*, and P.-T. Chou*, “Infrared-active quadruple contrast FePt nanoparticles for multiple scale molecular imaging,” Biomaterials 85, 54-64 (2016).

  • T-M. Liu*, J. Conde*, T. Lipiński, A. Bednarkiewicz, C.-C. Huang*, “Revisiting the classification of NIR absorbing/emitting Nanomaterials for in vivo bio-applications,” NPG Asia Materials 8, e295 (2016).

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