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Weng In Siu, Shirley

Assistant Professor
Computer and information science
University of Macau

Weng In Siu, Shirley


Weng In SIU is an assistant professor at University of Macau. She received her Bachelor's & Master degree in Software Engineering, University of Macau.

Research Interest

Machine learning in bioinformatics, Molecular dynamics simulations, Membrane protein structure prediction, omputer-aided drug design


  • Shirley W. I. Siu, Kristyna Pluhackova, Rainer A. Böckmann. Reparameterization of the OPLS-AA force field for hydrocarbons. J. Chem. Theory Comput. 8 (2012), 1459-1470.

  • Maria Borisovska, Yvonne N. Schwarz, Madhurima Dhara, Antonio Yarzagaray, Sandra Hugo, Daniele Narzi, Shirley W. I. Siu, Jaideep Kesavan, Ralf Mohrmann, Rainer A. Böckmann, and Dieter Bruns. Membrane-Proximal Tryptophans of Synaptobrevin II Stabilize Priming of Secretory Vesicles. J. Neurosci. 32 (2012), 15983-15997.

  • Shirley W. I. Siu, Thomas K. F. Wong, and Simon Fong. Comparison of Cutoff Strategies for Geometrical Features in Machine Learning-Based Scoring Functions. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA2013), Hangzhou, China, December 14-16, 2013, LNAI 8347, 336-347, Springer

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