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Xiao Qing Jin

University of Macau

Xiao Qing Jin


Xiao Qing JIN received his Bachelor's degree from Nanjing Normal University. He earned his Ph.D. from University of Hong Kong.

Research Interest

Scientific computing, numerical linear algebra - especially on fast iterative solvers for structured systems and their applications, optimization, financial mathematics.


  • R. Chan, X. Jin, and M. Yeung, The spectra of super-optimal circulant preconditioned Toeplitz systems, SIAM J. Numer. Anal., vol. 28 (1991), pp. 871–879.

  • R. Chan, X. Jin, and M. Yeung, The circulant operator in the Banach algebra of matrices, Linear Algebra Appl., vol. 149 (1991), pp. 41–53.

  • W. Chan and X. Jin, Singular extremal control problem with time delay, Int. J. Control, vol. 47 (1988), pp. 1795–1810.

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