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Xiaohua Douglas Zhang

Health science
University of Macau


Xiaohua Douglas ZHANG, professor at University of Macau. He received his Bachelor's & Master's degree from Beijing Normal University Beijing.

Research Interest

Bioinformatics, Biopharmaceutical research


  • Gould AL, Zhang XD. 2014. Bayesian adaptive determination of the sample size required to assure acceptably low adverse event risk. Statistics in Medicine 33(6): 940-957

  • Zhang XD*, 2011. Optimal High-Throughput Screening: Practical Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Genome-scale RNAi Research. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (ISBN: 9780521734448)

  • Zhang XD*, Santini F, Lacson R, Marine SD, Wu Q, Benetti L, Yang R, McCampbell A, Berger JP, Toolan DM, Stec EM, Holder DJ, Soper KA, Heyse JF and Ferrer M. 2011. cSSMD: Assessing collective activity of multiple siRNAs in genome-scale RNAi screens. Bioinformatics 27(20): 2775-2781

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