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Arezoo Dadrasnia

Full Professor
Biological Sciences
University of Malaya


Arezoo Dadrasnia have completed my Ph.D at University of Malaya. He have strong interest in the scientific, environment and agriculture aspects of research. My goal is to be able to further my research and make a significant contribution to mankind in the field of environmental and/or agricultural science. He have several years teaching experience as well as a researcher in the field of remediation of contaminated sites, agriculture (soil chemistry and fertilizer) technology, laboratory assistance at University of Malaya as well as being as a lecturer in field of environment and agriculture in Scientific – Applied at Jame University. He am also expert in soil fertilizer, soil chemistry, remediation of environmental pollution with petroleum hydrocarbons, biological techniques, phytoremediation and bioremediation (heavy metal and petroleum hydrocarbons), microbiology, 13C stable isotope carbon monitoring, biotechnology and experimental models. 

Research Interest

Remediation of soil and water Solid waste management Leachate treatment Environmental pollution treatment Enhanced oil recovery Soil science projects Hazardous waste management research

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