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Dr. Sithi Vinayakam A/l Muniandy

Department Of Physics
University of Malaya


Dr Sithi V Muniandy is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Physics Department, University of Malaya. He is trained in physics (BSc. Hons, UKM), theoretical physics (MSc, UKM) and Mathematics (DPhil, Oxford). He has split research personalities, balanced between basic research in stochastic dynamics of classical and quantum systems using fractal geometry and fractional calculus; and applied multidisciplinary research using these theoretical frameworks for modelling complex systems. Having trained in multiple areas of sciences and career trajectories passing through different institutions (UKM, MMU, UM), he is convinced that creative and innovative ideas stem freely when one interacts with experts from different disciplines and users of knowledge, with honest curiosity of a child. He wants to understand how complex (fractal) geometry of space, time and  spacetime (described via fractional derivatives) affects the dynamics of systems, particularly the transport properties. In between, his collaboration with biologists and engineers have uncovered interesting findings about animal vocalizations in frogs and seahorses; and he is now exploring stochastic resonance of the complex neuron network in the brain physics. He currently serves as the Dean of Frontier Science Research Cluster at University of Malaya, overseeing initiatives to promote fundamental research in broad fields of science & technology and social science. He balances the risks in frontier science research with motorsports and jungle tracking, while learning the fun of learning from his 4 years old daughter.

Research Interest

Relativity and Gravitation (Fractal spacetime and Scale-invariant cosmology) Difference,Differential,Integral,Integro-Differential and Functional Equations (Stochastic Processes and Fractional Calculus) Classical and Quantum Physics (Stochastic Dynamics )

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