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Stewart Manley

University of Malaya


He began his career as a teacher of languages (Spanish and English), then turned to law. I practiced at a law firm in Phoenix, US for 5 years, focusing mostly on corporate transactions and estate planning. I came to Southeast Asia to work in human rights, which I did for 6 years on the Thailand-Myanmar border and in Yangon, Myanmar. In 2012, with the political climate in Myanmar improving, the organization that I was working for closed, so I came to Malaysia to teach law at Multimedia University in Melaka. In 2015, I started at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya. Due to restrictions in licensing agreements, I am unable to post the full text of most of my articles and poems. Most of the pdf documents you see below are just the first pages. If you would like a copy of something, please don't hesitate to ask ([email protected]). I am happy to share.

Research Interest

Criminal Law (Empirical Studies in International Criminal Law) Trust Law

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