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Chairman of the Board since May 2013. A former Speaker of the House of Representatives and a former Minister responsible for various portfolios including Foreign Affairs, Information and Communication Technologies, and the Arts, Dr Frendo is a lawyer with a postgraduate specialisation in European Union law who has also worked in the private sector in both Malta and the United Kingdom. Dr Michael Frendo is a signatory of the Treaty of Lisbon and was a member of the European Convention on the Future of Europe. He is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta, sits on the Advisory Board of the University of East Anglia’s London Academy of Diplomacy and is a member of the European Group of Public Law. Dr Frendo has been nominated on the Venice Commission – an international independent legal think-tank that acts as an advisory body on constitutional matters. He has published widely including a number of books and articles on European, diplomatic and legal issues.

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