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Petrov Valery

Independent member of Supervisory Council
Supervisory Council
VTB Bank


1999: Viktor Chernomyrdin Moscow State Open University. Degree: Law. Specialisation: Jurisprudence.   1988: Alexander Mozhaisky Military Space Academy (previously Alexander Mozhaisky Military Engineering Institute). Degree: Radio Engineering and Automatic Control Systems Programming. Specialisation: Automatic Control Systems, Radio-Electronic and Computing Devices.   Federal Financial Markets Service Certificates: 2006 – Series 5.0 Managing mutual investment funds and non-state pension funds, 2003 – Series 2.0 Organising exchange trading (stock exchange activity), clearing and settlements 1999 – Series 3.0 Registrar and custody activities. 2004 – Certified International Investment Analyst Diploma from the Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (АСIIА). 1999 – Chernomyrdin Moscow State Open University, major in Law, qualification – lawyer. 1996 – Moscow Institute of International Business at the Foreign Economic Relations Ministry’s Trade Academy; Course: “Company and Bank Management on the Stock Market,” Finance Ministry Certificate, First Class. 1988 – Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (former Mozhaysky Military Engineering Institute), major: Process Control Systems Automation, Radioelectronic and Computer Equipment, qualification – radio engineer, automated control system programmer. Academic degree   2002 – PhD in Economics.   Honours: Recognised in “Top 100 professional general directors in Russia”, 2008; Award “For Personal Contribution to the Development of the Stock Market”, 2008; Recognised in “Top 100 professional commercial directors in Russia”, 2005 diploma; Recognised in “Top 200 professional commercial directors in Russia”, 2004 diploma; Recognised in “Top 100 professional careers in business and government”, 2004 diploma.

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