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Anton M. Jetten

Nuclear Protein Physiology
Institut Pasteur de Bangui


Anton M. Jetten, Ph.D., is Head of the Cell Biology Group in the Immunity, Inflammation, and Disease Laboratory, and holds a secondary appointment in the NIEHS Epigenetics and Stem Cell Biology Laboratory. Work performed by members of the Cell Biology Group has led to the discovery of a number of novel transcriptional regulators: several orphan nuclear receptors (Project I) and the GLI-Similar (GLIS) proteins (Project II). Subsequent studies revealed that these proteins play critical roles in the regulation of many physiological processes (development, immunity, metabolism, differentiation of several stem/progenitor cells) and are implicated in several major human pathologies (e.g., diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome, neurological disorders, cystic kidney disease, autoimmune disease). The goal of this research is to understand the mechanism by which these transcription factors regulate gene expression in relation to their physiological functions and roles in disease. The study of these signaling pathways might lead to novel therapeutic strategies in the management of disease and provide a better understanding of the role of environmental factors in various pathologies.

Research Interest

o analyze the role of the RORα and RORγ in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, pancreas and adipose tissue. To identify ROR target genes and study the mechanism by which they are regulated by RORs. To determine the role of GLIS signaling in pancreatic beta cells, diabetes, thyroid gland, and embryonic stem cells. To determine the role of GLIS proteins in the regulation of differentiation and gene expression of stem and progenitor cells along different lineages.

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