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Dmitri Zaykin

Biostatistics & Computational Biology
Institut Pasteur de Bangui


Dmitri Zaykin joined NIEHS in October 2004, and holds a secondary appointment in the NIEHS Genome Integrity and Structural Biology Laboratory. His previous positions in statistical and population genetics were at the Institute of Marine Biology in Vladivostok, Russia, North Carolina State University’s Statistics Department and at GlaxoSmithKline Inc. His scientific interests are in the areas of statistical, population genetics and genetic epidemiology with applications to genetics of human diseases and pharmacogenetics. His research focus is on: Models for predicting the balance between spurious and real findings among top hits of large scale genetic studies. Development of methods that are applicable for analysis of multidimensional genomic data. Approaches for detection of local genetic associations with health-related outcomes.

Research Interest

Biostatistics & Computational Biology


  • Dong J, Wyss, Yang J, Price R, Nicolas A, Nalls M, Tranah G, Franceschini N, Xu Z, Schulte C, Alonso A, Cummings SR, Fornage M, Zaykin D, Li L, Huang X, Kritchevsky S, Liu Y, Gasser T, Wilson RS, De Jager PL, Singleton AB, Pinto JM, Harris T, Mosley Jr. TH, Bennett DA, London S, Yu L, Chen H. Genome-wide association analysis of the sense of smell in U.S. older adults: Identification of novel risk loci in African-Americans and European-Americans. 2017; Molecular Neurobiology, doi:10.1007/s12035-016-0282-8

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