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Janet Hall, M.D., M.S., serves as NIEHS Clinical Director, head of the Reproductive Physiology and Pathophysiology Group and holds a secondary appointment in NIEHS Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory. The Reproductive Physiology and Pathophysiology Group studies the mechanisms involved in the integrated control of the reproductive system in women and its disruption in reproductive disorders. The research focus, within the broad area of women’s health, is on the neuroendocrine interactions that govern normal reproduction and the changes that occur with aging. The group has used this information as a backdrop to provide insights into the pathophysiology of clinical reproductive endocrine disorders, translating this information to provide physiologically-based treatments.

Research Interest

Understanding the integration of hypothalamic, pituitary, and ovarian signals responsible for repeated cycles of development and ovulation of a single dominant follicle in women Determining the role of neuroendocrine disruption in menstrual cycle dysfunction including hypothalamic amenorrhea and polycystic ovarian syndrome Understanding the neuroendocrine and ovarian contributions to reproductive aging and determining the effect of aging on neurocognitive responses to estrogen Genotype/phenotype relationships in GnRH deficiency


  • Current projects: Exploring the potential extra-gonadal origin of fetal Leydig cells in the testis and theca cells in the ovary and the involvement of the Hedgehog pathway in this process.

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