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John A. Cidlowski

Molecular Endocrinology
Institut Pasteur de Bangui


ohn A. Cidlowski, Ph.D., is Chief of the Signal Transduction Laboratory and head of the Molecular Endocrinology Group. The group studies steroid hormones, which regulate tissue-specific gene expression in animals via receptor dependent intracellular signal transduction pathways. A second major interest of the laboratory focuses on evaluating the mechanisms involved in the regulation of apoptosis in normal and neoplastic cells. Research is aimed at the identification and cloning of genes that are responsible for both the initiation and execution of apoptosis.

Research Interest

Major areas of research: Glucocorticoid receptors and their actions on the inflammatory response Regulation of apoptosis in normal and neoplastic cells Animal models for studying glucocorticoid actions


  • Current projects: Mutual interference of signaling between the glucocorticoid receptor and NF-κB The role of glucocorticoid receptor phosphorylation in signal transduction The transcriptional and translational regulation of glucocorticoid receptor gene expression The involvement of the glucocorticoid receptors in inflammation and innate immunity

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