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Julie F. Foley


Julie F. Foley is a Health Scientist in the Molecular Toxicology and Genomics Group within the Biomolecular Screening Branch (BSB) of the National Toxicology Program (NTP).In her current role, Foley is involved in working with the NTP Biorepository and Cellular and Molecular Pathology Branch to implement a sample tracking, management, and freezer inventory software program. This will enable the NTP to be better able to deposit and manage NTP samples for future molecular analysis. She is involved with the development of new technologies to assist with toxicity screening and carcinogen classification. Novel screening technologies include a BSB led effort to develop a rat whole exome probe set. Rat exome capture will allow for mutation analysis of frozen and paraffin blocked samples (FFPE – formalin fixed, paraffin embedded) with samples anchored in diagnostic pathology.

Research Interest

Molecular Toxicology & Genomics


  • Cruz-Topete, D, Myers, P, Foley, J , Willis, M, Cidlowski, J. Corticosteroids Are Essential for Maintaining Cardiovascular Function in Male Mice. Endocrinology 2016 157(7):2759-2771

  • Dunnick JK, Merrick A, Brix A, Morgan DL, Gerrish K, Flake G, Foley J, Shockley KR. 2016. Molecular Changes in the Nasal Cavity after N, N-dimethyl-p-toluidine Exposure. Toxicologic pathology 2016 44(6):835-847.

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