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Patricia Jensen

Institut Pasteur de Bangui

Patricia Jensen


Ph.D., leads the Developmental Neurobiology Group and holds a secondary appointment in the NIEHS Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory. Motivated by evidence that noradrenergic neurons are differentially susceptible to disease and vary in sensitivity to certain toxicants, the Developmental Neurobiology Group uses intersectional genetic strategies in mice to uncover the developmental and genetic factors that may define this phenotypic diversity. These investigations combine cellular, molecular, behavioral and physiological approaches to provide insight into how genetic and environmental perturbation of distinct noradrenergic neuron subtypes early in development result in increased susceptibility to cognitive and affective disorders later in life.

Research Interest

Major areas of research: Mammalian brain development Neurodevelopmental origins of anxiety and depression Mouse models of neurodevelopmental disorders


  • Current projects: Deconstructing the complex noradrenergic system: linking molecular differences to structure and function Uncovering the role of norepinephrine in brain development and the long-term structural and behavioral consequences of altered norepinephrine signaling

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