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Rachel M. Carroll

Biostatistics & Computational Biology
Institut Pasteur de Bangui


his staff use their expertise in bioinformatics to design analytical methodologies for genomic data analysis and develop databases for environmental informatics. Their research focuses on integrating phenotypic observations, end-point measurements and associated biological information with expression and genomics data for a better understanding of the biological mechanisms and pathways that are perturbed by stressors. The group has several ongoing projects:

Research Interest

Biostatistics & Computational Biology


  • Rockhill, B., Newman, B., and Weinberg, C.R. Use and misuse of population attributable fractions. American Journal of Public Health, 88(1): 15-19, 1998.

  • Li Y, Krahn JM, Flake GP, Umbach DM, Li L. Toward predicting metastatic progression of melanoma based on gene expression data. Pigment cell & melanoma research 2015 28(4):453-463

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