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Lora L. Clawson

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Lora L. Clawson, MSN, CRNP is Director of ALS Clinical Services at Johns Hopkins. She coordinates ALS clinical care management, clinical research studies, and community fundraising for ALS clinical services, which includes the $2 million Cal Ripken/Lou Gehrig donation to Johns Hopkins in 1995. Her ALS career began at Hopkins over 20 years ago as a Research Nurse Coordinator. She became the facilitator of the Baltimore ALS Support Group and the Salisbury ALS Support Group. As an ALS expert, Ms. Clawson has coordinated over 25 ALS research studies, co-authored over 30 publications, and over 40 abstracts at ALS conferences around the country. She has chaired the National Neuromuscular Nursing Advisory Board and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Advisory Board for ALS, served on many committees such as The Robert Wood Johnson Excellence in End of Life Care in ALS, the ALSA Clinic Certification Committee, the El Escorial Revised Diagnostic Criteria, World Federation of Neurology, ALS Research Group, Hospice Network of Maryland, and the ALS Northeast Consortium Executive committee. Ms. Clawson was the recipient of the Vickie Appel Award for Excellence in ALS Clinical Care in January 1999.  

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Ms. Clawson was appointed to the faculty of the Department of Neurology in 1998. Now an Assistant Professor, she teaches at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and serves as a mentor and instructor to undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

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