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Ackmez Mudhoo

Chemical and Environmental Engineering
University of Mauritius


Ackmez Mudhoo is Lecturer and currently also reading a PhD by Research in Chemical Engineering. He has 3 years of experience in lecturing and research in the field of chemical and environmental engineering with an emphasis on mathematical modeling of bioremediation of wastes. He has 2 years experience as Chemical Process Engineer and has been Lead Guest Editor for the International Journal of Environment and Waste Management for 3 years.  He is also an Associate Editor for the Springer journal 'Environmental Chemistry Letters'.   He has edited 5 books, the latest one entitled ‘Bioremediation and Sustainability: Research and Applications’. He has an M.Phil degree in Chemical Engineering which focused on heat transfer in composting system.

Research Interest

 His research interests are in mathematical modeling, bioremediation of solid wastes and wastewaters by composting and anaerobic digestion. 


  • Biomass-derived biosorbents for metal ions sequestration: Adsorbent modification and activation methods and adsorbent regeneration RK Gautam, A Mudhoo, G Lofrano… - Journal of environmental chemical engineering, 2014

  • A comprehensive overview of elements in bioremediation AA Juwarkar, SK Singh, A Mudhoo - Reviews in Environmental Science and bio/technology, 2010

  • Biosurfactants in food industry M Nitschke, S Costa - Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2007

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