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César A. Bonavides Martínez

Academic Technician
Computational Genomics Program
Center for Genomic Sciences


He studied Engineering in Electronic Systems and Master in Information Technology Administration, at ITESM, Cuernavaca Campus. In 1999, he joined the CIFN Computational Biology Laboratory, which is now known as the Computational Genomics Program of the Center for Genomic Sciences. From the beginning, its activities have been those related to the extraction and exchange of information from both RegulonDB and EcoCyc. César tries to be aware of what is in research and development in the Computational Genomics Program, in order to be able to focus, investigate and update in order to offer solutions that are tailored to the needs of the lines of research . His support in the organization of events has been very important, both for the GCC community and for other entities such as the Mexican Society of Genomic Sciences and the National Bioinformatics Node, EMBnet Mexico, of which he is in charge. His academic and professional interests vary in every way, from the programming of computer systems, through the programming of microcontrollers, to those related to the administration and automation of processes. The reasons for her happiness, joy and constant astonishment are called Laura and Annie (wife and daughter) and it is with them that she likes to share her free time (usually scarce). His hobby (not yet taken to the limits), is aeromodelismo and videojuegos.

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