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Dr. Mario Serrano

Associate Professor
Functional Genomics of Eukaryotes Program
Center for Genomic Sciences


Bachelor (BA): Agronomic engineer, specialist on horticultural crops from the “Antonio Narro” Agrarian Autonomous University. 1995. Master (MS): Plant biotechnology. CINVESTAV-Irapuato. 2000. Doctorate (PhD): Plant biotechnology. CINVESTAV-Irapuato. 2004. Postdoctoral training: Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany. Group of Prof. Paul Schulze-Lefert. 2004- 2008. Junior Group Leader: Department of Biology, University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland. Group of Prof. Jean-Pierre Métraux. 2008-2014.

Research Interest



  • Serrano M, Wang B, Aryal B, Garcion C, Abou-Mansour, Silvia H E, Geisler M, Mauch F, Nawrath C and Métraux J-P (2013). Export of salicylic acid from the chloroplast requires the MATE-like transporter EDS5. Plant Physiology. 162(4): 1815-1821.

  • Serrano M, Coluccia F, Torres M, L'Haridon F and Métraux J-P (2014). The cuticle and plant defense to pathogens. Frontiers Plant Science, 5:274.

  • Serrano M, Kombrink E and Meesters C (2015). Considerations for designing chemical screening strategies in plant biology. Frontiers Plant Science. 6:131.

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