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César Cruz Hernández

Principal Researcher
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


César Cruz Hernández is Principal Researcher for Department of electronics and telecommunications Synchronization of multiple nodes coupled in different topologies

Research Interest

Synchronization Lab and Complex Systems


  • Murillo EMÁ, Cruz HC, Abúndiz PF, López GR (2016) Implementation of an improved chaotic encryption algorithm for real-time embedded systems by using a 32-bit microcontroller. MICROPROCESSORS AND MICROSYSTEMS 45: 297-309.

  • Murillo EMÁ, Cruz HC, Cradoza AL, Méndez R RD (2017) A novel pseudorandom number generator based on pseudorandomly enhanced logistic map. Nonlinear Dynamics 87: 407-425.

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