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Cuauhtemoc Turrent Thompson

Asoc Investigator
Department of Physical Oceanography
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Cuauhtemoc Turrent Thompson is Associate Investigator from Department of Physical Oceanography in Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education Ensenada. He is currently working for projects entitled below • Numerical circulation and biogeochemical models • Atmospheric modeling system for the gulf of mexico la3 • Interannual variability of the North American Monsoon

Research Interest



  • Torres AJA, Cavazos PMT, Turrent TC (2014) Land-Sea Thermal Contrast and Intensity of the North American Monsoon under Climate Change Conditions. J Climate 27: 4566-4580.

  • Ramírez LMR, Álvarez BS, Turrent TC, Gaxiola CG, Heckel DG (2015) Nutrient input from the Colorado River to the northern Gulf of California is not required to maintain a productive pelagic ecosystem. Marine Sciences 41: 169-188.

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