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Edgardo Tapia Canyon

Principal Researcher
Division of Earth Sciences
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Edgardo Tapia Canyon is Principal Researcher from Division of Earth Sciences and handling projects listed below entitled Training of Human Resources of CeMIE-Geo. P00RH Intensive Geothermal Exploration Campaign of the Wagner, Consag, Delfín, Guaymas and Alarcón Basins of the Gulf of California Rifts System. (CeMIE-Geo) P03 Division of Earth Sciences Division Causes of Monogenetic Volcanism Magnetic studies of pyroclastic products in the northeast of the Peninsula of Baja California

Research Interest

Paleomagnetism and magnetic properties of rocks


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  • Cañón TE (2016) Reappraisal of the significance of volcanic fields. J Volcanology and Geothermal Res 310: 26-38.

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