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Ernestina Castro Longoria

Principal Researcher
Department of Experimental Microbiology
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Ernestina Castro Longoria is a Principal Researcher from Department of Experimental Microbiology handling projects entitled  Analysis of the proteins involved in the establishment of cellular polarity of the fungus Neurospora crassa. The use of silver nanoparticles as an antimicrobial agent.

Research Interest

Cellular and molecular bases of the development of the fungi


  • Castro LE (2016) Fungal Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles, a Cleaner Alternative. In Purchase, Diane (Eds.), Fungal Applications in Sustainable Environmental Biotechnology 323-351.

  • Cruz FR, Cáceres MJA , Muñoz FM, Vásquez YR, Hernández RM, et al. (2016)Hyperparasitism by the bacteriophage (Caudovirales) infecting Candida Xenohaliotis californiensis (Rickettsial-like prokaryote) parasite of wild abalone Haliotis fulgens and Haliotis corrugata from the Peninsula of Baja California, Mexico . J Inver Pat 140: 58-67

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