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Héctor Alonso Echavarría Heras

Principal Researcher
Department of Marine ecology
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Héctor Alonso Echavarría Heras is Principal Researcher and handling projects entitled Modeling applied to the study of the effects of climatic variability on marine zostera l.

Research Interest

Mathematical modeling applied to the study of biological processes, Biological and fishing oceanography and Use and conservation of marine resources


  • Echavarría HHA, Leal RC, Villa DE, Cazarez CNR (2015) The effect of parameter variability in the allometric projection of leaf growth rates for eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) II: the importance of data quality control procedures in bias reduction. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 12: 30.

  • Leal RC, Echavarría HH, Castillo O, Montiel AE (2016) On the Use of Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Improving the Efficiency of a Monte Carlo-Digital Image Based Approximation of Eelgrass Leaf Area I: Comparing the Performances of Simple and Master-Slaves Structures. Nature-Inspired Design of Hybrid Intelligent Systems 667: 431-455.

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