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Javier Alejandro González Ortega

Department of Seismology
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Javier Alejandro González Ortega is Researcher in Department of Seismology from Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education Ensenada.

Research Interest



  • González OJA, Fialko Y, Sandwell D, Nava Pichardo FA, Fletcher MJ, et al. (2014) The Greater-Cucapah (Mw 7.2) earthquake: Early near-field postseismic deformation from InSAR and GPS observations. J Geophysical Res: Solid Earth 119: 1482-1497.

  • Fletcher MJ, Teran OJ, Rockwell KT, Oskin ME, Hudnut KW, et al (2014) Assembly of a large earthquake from a complex fault system: Surface rupture kinematics of the April 4, 2010 The Mayor-Cucapah (Mexico) Mw 7.2 earthquake. Geosphere 10: 797-827.

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