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José De Jesús Paniagua Michel

Principal Researcher
Department of Marine Biotechnology
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


José de Jesús Paniagua Michel is a Principal Researcher from Department of Marine Biotechnology and working under projects listed below Bioprospecting and biocribing of marine organisms: bioactive metabolites and processes of biotechnological and environmental importance.

Research Interest

Coastal environmental biotechnology Secondary metabolites and bioactive substances


  • Paniagua MJJ, Olmos SJ (2016) Modern Approaches into Biochemical and Molecular Biomarkers: Key Roles in Environmental Biotechnology. J Biotech & Biomater 6: 1-8.

  • Paniagua MJJ, Subramanian V (2016) Omics Advances of Biosynthetic Pathways of Isoprenoid Production in Microalgae. In Se-Kwon Kim (Eds.), Marine Omics: Principles and Applications 37-58

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