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José Javier González García

Principal Researcher
Department of Seismology
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


José Javier González García is Principal Researcher from Department of Seismology in Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education Ensenada

Research Interest



  • Spinler JC, Bennett RA, Walls C, Lawrence S, González GJJ(2015) Assessing long-term postseismic deformation following the M7.2 4 April 2010, El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake with implications for lithospheric rheology in the Salton Trough. J Geophys Res: Solid Earth 120: 3664-3679.

  • Plattner C, Malservisi R, Amelung F, Dixon TH, Hackl M, et al. (2015) Space geodetic observation of the deformation cycle across the Ballenas Transform, Gulf of California. J Geophy Res: Solid Earth 120: 5843-5862.

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