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Juan Manuel Espinosa Cardeña

Asoc Investigator
Department of Applied Geophysics
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Juan Manuel Espinosa Cardeña is Asoc Investigator for Department of Applied Geophysics and handling projects listed below Spatial-temporal monitoring of geophysical variables in geothermal fields. (CeMIE-Geo) P04 Gravimetric monitoring of the altimetric network and GPS of the sector of the Imperial fault that crosses the eastern region of the city of Mexicali. Characterization of the subsoil contamination in the surroundings of the old dump of the city of Ensenada using techniques of geophysical exploration.

Research Interest

Geophysical studies of the crust Gravimetry and magnetometry


  • Torres CXG, Delgado ALA , Espinosa CJM, Romo JJM (2011) Geological and aeromagnetic analysis of the anomalous concentrations of Fe in the San Jerónimo plutón in the Peninsular Batolítico Belt, Baja California, Mexico.

  • Espinosa CJM , Campos EJO, Unsworth M (2016) Heat flow pattern at the Chicxulub impact crater, northern Yucatan, Mexico. J Volcanology and Geothermal Res 311: 135-149

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