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Manuel De Jesús Acosta Ruiz

Principal Researcher
Department of Marine Biotechnology
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Manuel de Jesús Acosta Ruiz is Principal Researcher from Department of Marine Biotechnology and handling projects listed below Induction to maturity of the generous clams (Panopea abrupta and P. globosa), for seed production through the inclusion of functional ingredients.

Research Interest

Aquaculture biotechnology


  • Sánchez CLN, Díaz HF, Re AAD , González SRA , Lizárraga PML , Acosta RMJ , Licea Navarro AF (2014) Litopenaus vannamei immunestimulated with Macrocystis pyrifera extract: improving the immune response against Vibro campbellii. J Coastal Life Medicine 2: 617-624.

  • Morales GER , Acosta RMJ (2014) Salicornia bigelovii, marine salad for gourmets. Nutrition Papers 37: 131-134.

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