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Roberto Conte Galván

Principal Researcher
Department of Electronics and Telecommunications
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Roberto Conte Galván is Principal Researcher from Department of Electronics and Telecommunications and handling below entitled projects Elaboration of a regulatory and regulatory reference framework associated with the construction of small satellites in Mexico.

Research Interest

Telecommunications Networks


  • Gutierrez FEF, Jimenez HF, Becerra AEC, Gurrola NMA, Blanco AO, et al. (2015) Distortion in the Eye Diagrams of Synchronous Non-synchronous and 90º Bend Discontinuities. Universal J Elec and Electronic Engg 3: 112-124.

  • Hernández EEA, Alonso AMÁ, Chávez GEL, Covarrubias RDH, Conte GR (2017) Robust polygon recognition method with similarity invariants applied to star identification. ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH 59: 1095-1111

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