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Serguei Stepanov

Principal Researcher
Department of Optics
Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada


Serguei Stepanov is a Principal Researcher from Department of Optics in Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education Ensenada. He is working for a project entitled • Quantum interactions coherent in optical fibers doped with rare land and photonic crystal fibers filled with gases • Coherent interactions in optical fibers with non-linearit.

Research Interest

Fibers and optical guides, Nonlinear optics


  • Hern├índez HE, Stepanov S, Plata SMA (2016) Accelerated two-wave mixing response in erbium-doped fibers with saturable optical absorption. J Optics 18: 1-7.

  • Stepanov S, Platas SM, Hernandez HE (2016) Noise in adaptive interferometric fiber sensor based on population dynamic grating in erbium-doped fiber. Applied Optics 55: 7324-7329.

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