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Jinxue Jiang

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- Material engineer with 6 years of intensive experience in valorizing cellulose and lignin into building blocks for polymeric materials (e.g., carbon fiber, nano-composites, adhesives/coatings, etc.) - Strong hands-on skills in polymer processing and characterizing towards elucidating structure-property relationships with mechanical, morphological, rheological and thermal features - Deep expertise on experiment design and statistical analysis (e.g., optimization and multi-variance) using multiple software (e.g., DOE, Minitab and SAS) and their application in industrial process - Successfully collaborated with industrial partners in R&D of polymers; first author on 9 and co-author on 4 publications in biobased polymer materials - Being interested in working on industrial R&D toward innovation and commercial application of high-performance materials. 

Research Interest

Material processing: Various millings, Melt-spinning, Extrusion, Injection molding, Hot compression Image techniques: SEM, AFM, TEM/Tomography, Optical/Fluorescence Microscopy Spectroscopy techniques: UV, FT-IR, XPS, XRD, EDS, Raman, NMR Thermal analysis: TGA, DSC, TMA, DMA, Rheometer Chemical analysis: HPLC, GPC Software: ImageJ, Minitab, SAS, MS Office, OriginPro, AutoCAD, C language

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