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Xiaofeng Wang

Chemical Engineering


5+ years’ experience in lithium ion batteries and Chemical/Material Engineering : -- Experienced in evaluating the impact of electrolyte additives, electrode materials, graphite types and etc. in lithium ion batteries. -- Experienced in electrolyte and electrode material development for high energy lithium ion batteries that can support long life time and fast charging rate. -- Experienced in the studies of aging and failure mechanisms of lithium ion batteries.

Research Interest

► Seven years of training and practice in polymer chemistry and polymer physics with expertise in developing new polymer synthesis techniques, fabricating polymer materials with novel architectures/functionalities and studying structure-property relationship  ► Expert in polymer materials design, from building structure-tailored polymers to analyzing their supermolecular organization and finally to testing their macroscopic properties ► Broad laboratory experience/knowledge, including polymer chemistry, polymer physics and polymer processing. ► Multitasks taker with outstanding project management abilities to bring projects to fruition in time ► Excellent team worker with superb interpersonal skills and communication skills ► Cross-culturally competent with experience living in different countries, fluent in English and Chinese, work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force

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