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Erkul Karacaoglu

Materials Engineering
Materials Center Leoben Research GmbH


A highly enthusiastic Ph.D. student, working intelligently to understand the formation of perovskite-based semiconductors. The importance of fundamental science is crucial to capture the systematic impact of the processes utilized in solution processing. Being able to capture the real-time processing under Grazing Incidence Wide Angle X-ray Scattering (GIWAXS), at Cornell, has revealed the surprising results which were previously unknown. My discovery made it possible to understand the complex route of perovskite formation and predict the behavior of solar cells by optimization of the process.  Furthermore, I have been training and coaching individuals to realize their potential to achieve their career goals. Being awarded multiple scholarships for my graduate studies, I have been mentoring high school and undergrad students to train them to apply for the scholarship and prepare their research pitch through the presentation. Utilizing my professional speaking skills, I have revealed my Masters and Ph.D. research through an oral presentation in multiple national and international conferences. 

Research Interest

GISAXS, GIWAXS, In-situ measurements, UV-Vis absorption, Nano Materials, Management and Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, diversity. Motivation, Self-belief and Taking positive action. I am a fervent reader of Science and Philosophy. 

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