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Ana Lidia Pérez Castorena

Department of Natural Products
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Ana Lidia Pérez Castorena has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, by the School of Chemical Sciences, University of Puebla, 1976. Master’s degree in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) Graduate Studies Division, School of Chemistry, UNAM, in 1980. Present position: Full Researcher, Institute of Chemistry, UNAM. Articles published: 50 in indexed journals, 7 in national journals and 2 in popular science journals. Works presented in congresses and symposia: 56. Referee for Journal of Natural Products and Steroids. he honored as a Member of the National Research System, Level II.

Research Interest

Area of interest: Phytochemistry. Current research involves the chemical study of plants belonging to genera Physalis (Solanaceae family), genera Senecio (Senecioneae tribe, Asteraceae family) and from genera taxonomical related with Senecio. Some of the aspects contemplated are. Structural elucidation. Identification of Mexican plants (Senecioneae tribe) which synthesized pyrrolizidinie alkaloids, highly toxic compounds. Research on the chemical relation between species of the same genera or tribe.


  • Arciniegas A, González K, Pérez-Castorena AL, Maldonado J, Villaseñor JL, Romo de Vivar A. Seco-eremophiladiolides and eremophilane glucosides from Pittocaulon velatum. Journal of natural products. 2011 Jun 10;74(7):1584-9.

  • Arciniegas A, Polindara LA, Pérez-Castorena AL, García AM, Avila G, Villaseñor JL, de Vivar AR. Chemical composition and biological activity of Laennecia schiedeana. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C. 2011 Apr 1;66(3-4):115-22.

  • Maldonado E, Pérez-Castorena AL, Garcés C, Martínez M. Philadelphicalactones C and D and other cytotoxic compounds from Physalis philadelphica. Steroids. 2011 Jun 30;76(7):724-8.

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