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Dr. Alfredo Ortega Hernández

Department of Natural Products
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Alfredo Ortega was born in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. He was postdoctoral fellow at the Ottawa University, Canada (1990) and obtained his BSc. (1962) and PhD. (1970) from the School of Chemistry, UNAM. He joined the Institute of Chemistry in 1969 and is Full Researcher since 1983. Dr. Ortega was Secretary of Academic Affairs at the Institute of Chemistry from 1976 to 1981, and Head of Graduate Studies at the University of Morelos, from 1980 to 1987. Dr. Ortega is member of the National Research System, with the maximum level.

Research Interest

Dr. Alfredo Ortega focused on Phytochemical research on plants directed to the isolation of products with medicinal properties.


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  • Bautista E, Calzada F, Ortega A, Yépez-Mulia L. Antiprotozoal activity of flavonoids isolated from Mimosa tenuiflora (Fabaceae-Mimosoideae). Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society. 2011 Dec;55(4):251-3.

  • Bautista E, Maldonado E, Ortega A. Neo-clerodane diterpenes from Salvia herbacea. Journal of natural products. 2012 May 11;75(5):951-8.

  • Mijangos MV, González-Marrero J, Miranda LD, Vincent-Ruz P, Lujan-Montelongo A, Olivera-Díaz D, Bautista E, Ortega A, de la Luz Campos-González M, Gamez-Montaño R. Microwave-assisted C-3 selective oxidative radical alkylation of flavones. Organic & biomolecular chemistry. 2012;10(15):2946-9.

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