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Dr. Benjamín Ortiz Mendoza

Department of Organic Chemistry
National Autonomous University of Mexico


Dr. Benjamín Ortiz obtained his BSc degree in Chemistry from the School of Chemistry, UNAM in 1971. He received his MSc (Organic Chemistry) in 1975, from the Division of Higher Studies, School of Chemistry, UNAM. His PhD in Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) was also obtained from the School of Chemistry, UNAM in 1989. He held a postdoctoral position at the Laboratory of Reactivity and Catalysis, Aix-Marseille University, St. Jérôme, ENSSPICAM, Marseille, France. At present he is fully researcher in the university of chemistry. he honored with Gabino Barreda Medal for undergraduate studies, Member of the National Research System, Level II 

Research Interest

Dr. Benjamín Ortiz focused on Synthesis of organic compounds with biological activity and structural elucidation of synthetic organic molecules isolated from natural products, Asymmetric synthesis using the sulfynil group as chiral inductor.


  • Alfaro R, Yuste F, Ortiz B, Sánchez-Obregón R, Ruano JL. γ-Amino vinyl sulfoxides in asymmetric synthesis. Synthesis of optically pure α-substituted β-amino nitriles. Tetrahedron. 2009 Jan 3;65(1):357-63.

  • Yuste F, Hernandez Linares A, Mastranzo VM, Ortiz B, Sánchez-Obregón R, Fraile A, García Ruano JL. Methyl Sulfinates as Electrophiles in Friedel–Crafts Reactions. Synthesis of Aryl Sulfoxides. The Journal of organic chemistry. 2011 May 3;76(11):4635-44.

  • Mastranzo VM, Yuste F, Ortiz B, Sánchez-Obregón R, Toscano RA, García Ruano JL. Asymmetric Synthesis of (S)-(−)-Xylopinine. Use of the Sulfinyl Group as an Ipso Director in Aromatic SE. The Journal of organic chemistry. 2011 May 25;76(12):5036-41.

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